Friday, September 21, 2007

Banana & Orange

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Hello Everyone! Here's yesterday's painting. I used a lamp this time for lighting. Banana's are challenging, next still life I'll make it simpler.

I'll be in Chicago for a week so I may not have anything to post until I return. I will check my email so I look forward to anyones daily painting.

Also, I want to thank the folks that leave a message on my blog, i appreciate it. I need to figure out how to respond back to folks that have questions. Thanks again and have an awesome weekend!

Cheers, BG

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pear & Banana

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Hello Everyone! Friends are starting to subscribe to my blog and so this is starting to come together for me! I am so excited! I will share that in the past I often created painting and they simple hung in my house or ended up in boxes. But now I can share my work with everyone! this makes me want to create better pieces.

So Tuesday I couldn't produce anything, I wiped my canvas clean about 5 time, it was terrible, i felt like i had no skills, so weird! but yesterday was good, I created this piece and I was happy with it, I feel like i might of over worked it so for today's painting I will try to paint with less stroks. I have a lot to learn and I believe I will learn fast and and create great pieces with creating a painting a day. Take good care friends. looking forward to any comments, cheers, BG.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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Here's the latest painting I produced yesterday. Now I have to work on posting painting the same day I create it and I have work on taking good photos. I cannot get the richness my paintings have to a digital photos.

I like this piece. First one created in my studio since my trip to Santa Fe. It felt good creating this painting, I simply grabbed a few items from the kitchen counter, set it up in my studio and took my time creating it. I'm looking forward to todays piece. Enjoy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Morning Fruit"-SOLD

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Hello Friends and family, I'm back from a great trip in Santa Fe, New Mexico! I attended Carol Marine's A painting a day class and I was inspired and determined to make this happen for myself! I was going to arrive home in two days but decided to go straight home because I wanted all day Sunday and Monday to set up and post my first blog and set up my Ebay account. With the help of Carol, I'm now ready to share with everyone my oil paintings and offer them for auction on Ebay. As time goes by I'll be updating and fine tuning my blog site so please register your email at the top right corner to receive notification on my latest pieces posted.

The piece I'm posting now is from Carol's class; today I'll be producing another piece to post.

I want to say hello to all the friends I made in New Mexico. please send me email and say hello. I'll be contacting all of you soon to stay in touch. cheers!

Labels: 6"x8" - oil on canvas