Monday, February 27, 2012

Apple & Lemon on Red

I want to start adding more color to my oil paintings, so for my this still life I chose a red background. Nice bold color, and believe it or not, a bit of a challenge! The red background and the subtle reflection on the fruit had me thinking. Capturing that red wasn't easy, its a rich color.  It was a good study, as always I learned a lot.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Pears Oil Painting

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Fresh of the press! Here's a picture of my latest oil painting. I liked this shot of painting still on my french easel. I had just completed it. With this painting I was taking pictures of my production process. I'm going to put together a simple youtube slide show of how I'm producing my paintings. From beginning to end. It was fun taking pictures of the different stages. Then I viewed my pics on my digital camera and it was interesting to look back at the steps I take to get to the final piece. Hopefully this slide show can inspire others to pick up some art supplies and create some simple paintings.s.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Delicious Apple Painting

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My 2nd oil painting! Again, just keeping the subject simple with small canvas size, 6x8, on gessobord. When the canvas is small, I finish the piece in less time and get that rewarding feeling of completion sooner.  I really need that right now, it motivates me to do another one, and the more painting I do, the more confident I'll get.

 I chose a simple subject, I used a Red Delicious apple on its side to fill the canvas. It's a simple apple yet complex enough to make me focus on its shape and depth to make sure I communicate it's an apple on its side.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simple Fruit

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I'm so excited and motivated. I've started painting again. Feels so good. Here's my first painting in a long time. I hadn't painted in a while so I decided to keep the subject simple.  Just an apple and an orange on a flat background.

I hesitated in starting, but once I started applying the paint I was on a role. I kept it simple because I wanted to familiarize myself again with the paints, brushes, the subject, lighting, and with the choice of color and mixing them on the pallet.

The whole process went well, except for some glitches, like I couldn't get the tube of white paint open and I don't have pliers.  It was kinda funny, I finally muscled it. I did feel rusty but had good results. More to come.  I finished my 2nd painting, will post it soon. Looking forward to the next one.